The Firm - Marcello Meda Vini




We are two young people passionate about their work , but above all we are two brothers who have inherited two passions from a father, flown away too soon: one for life and one for the vine.

Since 2005 we have immersed ourselves in the world of wine , which first grandfather Francesco and then dad Marcello taught us to love … harvesting from an early age!

We had no doubts, abandoning everything was unthinkable, who would have told customers and friends that they would have stayed dry? Seriously, we could not leave half the challenge our father had begun: that of bringing an almost forgotten grape like Malvasia Greca to the honors of the world.



The mere fact of witnessing today its reintroduction in the Catalog of National Vines , although with the name of Malvasia Moscata, repays us many sacrifices.

All this under the watchful eye of mother Aurora, an excellent palate, to whom we entrust the last word on all the choices … or almost.

We come to the concrete data.

Ours is a beautiful vineyard of 3 hectares about which we call Panettone, because it covers a cocuzzolo of earth that remembers the roundness of the Christmas cake, the country on which it is comfortably placed is Lu Monferrato , a small village a few kilometers from Alessandria.

Next to the vineyard, as in an agricultural script, there is a beautiful farmhouse in slow, very slow evolution, in search of its ideal destination. Yes, because winemaking does not take place there, but at a winemaker friend who has made available his waiting cellar, and here we dream with our eyes open , that one day we can do everything ourselves!

Cascina Dionigi 73
15040 Lu Monferrato AL

Tel. +39 339 842 2111