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We are an Italian agricultural company from Turin, producer of Piedmontese wine, one of the 3 companies around the world to cultivate La Malvasia.

vini piemontesi
malvasia vino piemonte
vini piemontesi
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Piedmontese wine produced with Malvasia Moscata grapes, a very rare grape of Greek origin. A wine with a straw yellow color and a slightly aromatic palate. The most expert indicate it as a candidate among the most prized native whites.
vini piemontesi rosso barbera


Piedmontese wine with a ruby ​​red color and an intense and ample taste . It takes its name from the region where the vineyards were originally located. Winner of the Marengo D’Oro award in 1999.
vini piemontesi rosato


Piedmontese wine with a coral color and a sweet and persistent aftertaste . Produced with the same Barbera grapes used for Moncassino . Vinified in steel and bottled in February.

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Our History

Our passion for Piedmontese wines has been with us since we were children. We carry on a family tradition inherited from a father who fled prematurely.

Since 2005 we have been immersed full-time in this activity carried out by grandfather Francesco first and by father Marcello after. Two men who had the merit of bringing back into the world a vine almost lost and forgotten, like the Malvasia Greca .


Our Vineyards...

The company is located in the municipality of LU Monferrato, a small village of 1200 inhabitants located on the highest hill of the lower Monferrato Casalese .

They currently occupy an area of ​​about 3 hectares, with partly clayey and partly sandy-calcareous soil. The training system is of the type Guyot , with a production that prefers the qualitative aspect to the quantitative one .

Our Piedmontese wines are vinified with modern wine-making techniques, without losing respect for typicality and tradition.


Sales and Distribution

Our goal is to bring to the table of our customers the typical flavors of Piedmont. For this we offer the service of online wine sales , favoring the relationship between the producer and the consumer.

The service is available for small and large orders, you will have the opportunity to taste Piedmontese wines with a unique flavor, which only our Malvasia Moscata can give.

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